|| THE last TEAR ||

Your words stabbed my heart, and I cried tears of pain. "Get out!" I shouted. "These are the last tears I'll ever cry for you." So you left.
    I waited hours, but you didn't return. That night by myself I cried tears of frustration.
    I waited weeks, but you had nothing to say. Thinking of your voice, I cried tears of loneliness.
    I waited months, but you left no sign for me. In the depths of my heart, I cried tears of despair.

How strange that all these tears could not wash away the hurt! Then one thought of love pierced my bitterness. I remembered you in the sunlight, with a smile as sweet as May wine. A tear of gratitude started to fall, and miraculously, you were back. Soft fingers touched my cheek, and bent over for a kiss.
    "Why have you come?" I whispered.
    "To wipe away your last tear," you replied. "It was the one you saved for me."